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Greenwood All*Stars is a high energy rock band that plays tight tunes and smoking jams. This highly experienced band plays an extensive set list of originals and unique covers. After rocking together for over a decade, they posses a synergy that is rarely seen on the scene.

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SNELK 2015 - February 6th and 7th

Book your rooms now, GWAS band will be back at the Snorting Elk Cellar for one weekend only in 2015.

Friday, February 6th & Saturday, February 7th

We play three sets a night.

Set one – Acoustic, Popular Chants, Holiday Favorites
Set two – Punk, House, Deep tracks from Buena Vista Social Club
Set three – Sloopy

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Live Band Dock Party on July 4th

If you have a boat, take it to Lake Sammamish on Friday July 4th. Then head to the south eastern shore and listen for the amazing music between 2pm and 6pm. GWAS band will playing on a dock, doing a special AMERICA theme set because freedom!!

Here’s a map.

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Live Recording from 2014 U-District Street Fair

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U District Street Fair - May 17 2014

We’ll be at the U District Street Fair on Saturday May 17th at 10am.

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Winter 2014 Snelk - Live Media

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Summer Sunlight Jam

Greenwood All*Stars play a light jam in tribute to the end of a beautiful Seattle Summer.

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