Foreign Shores - Album Download

Foreign Shores was recorded by Grammy Award winning producer Garey Shelton and engineered by Moore Sound. The album captures GWAS in its highest evolutionary phase - in which delicate songwriting is interwoved by complex jams.

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01. Still Sittin'
02. Anarchist's Cookbook
03. Atari Car
04. Mr Spock
05. Nookie Run
06. Not Even
07. Love Attack
08. Working Holiday
09. Saving Face
10. Besame Mucho
11. Foreign Shores

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Slow Shark - Album Download

Recorded and released in 2005 Slow Shark captured the early years of the All*Stars. The high energy project is upbeat and animated. The project included a flash animated cartoon.

Recorded at: Dream On Studios
Produced by: Moore Sound

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01. Soul Pimps
02. Happy Sex Worker
03. Backporch
04. Hookslide
05. Sexy People
06. Country Bumpkin
08. Attaq Iraq
09. Donna-U-Wanna.mp3
10. Breakfast of Love.mp3

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