6/30/2018: Live @ The Angry Beaver - NO COVER!

Saturday June 30th 2018 9:00pm – ?
The Angry Beaver, 8412 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103
21 and over please

Come see our inaugural show at Seattle’s Only Hockey Bar! That’s right folks, we may not have an NHL team (yet?) in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love watching the best sport on ice. This will be a homecoming of sorts for us because the Angry Beaver is located in the heart of….GREENWOOD! Where better to set up and do our jam thang?

Better yet – there’s NO COVER FEE! Optimize your buzz by putting your hard earned dollars towards your bar tab and not the doorman.

Venue information

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Live Recording from 2014 U-District Street Fair

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Winter 2014 Snelk - Live Media

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Summer Sunlight Jam

Greenwood All*Stars play a light jam in tribute to the end of a beautiful Seattle Summer.

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Summer Shows and New Songs 8/2/11 - Show Blog

GWAS band just wrapped up a nice little series of shows in which we debuted some new material. Abe’s new song “Too Ride” takes a saunter down a funky road. Pete’s new one “Oingo Boingo” attempts to mash up 80’s power pop with a New Orleans shuffle. “Big John” is an elephantine stomper written by Mr. Matt. Folks seem to be digging the new stuff.

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Too Ride

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Till The End of the Day at Microsoft

We rocked those guys. It was haaard cooore. Check out the commentary at the beginning of the video.

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Interstellar Overdrive - Live Recording

Interstellar Overdrive – Greenwood All Stars by petenice

From Snelk New Years Weekend 2010. Last song of night two.

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Club Mix Spacejam 10/03/09 - Live Recording

GWAS jams speedway by petenice

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GreenwoodStock 08/04/09 - Live Recording

What a great time. Thanks much to Scott Walker for all his hard work putting this event together. Here’s a recording from the show, it’s a little crispy on the guitar, but worth a listen.

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Breakfast of Love

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Greenwood Car Show 6/27/09 - Show Blog

This was our first outdoor summer show in awhile and the sun was pounding down. Fortunately there is lots of shade on Greenwood Ave and there was beer and more shade next door at the Wing Dome. We took the stage around 2PM and played to a big crowd and lots of cool cars (over 700 cars this year) with a mix of originals and big dumb crowd pleasers. We had a great time. Bands before us: Mama Tried & Perry Acker were great.



Free See Dee

Pete Nice Rocks The Axe

Narr thumbs the basooo

Dan and Abe, living like thanksgiving

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Shanty Blast 5/30/09 - Show Blog

Fun show at the Shanty in Lake City last night. Big crowd with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The Shanty is one of those old Seattle watering holes that you may have driven by 1000 times. If you have never stopped in you should. They are booking a ton of interesting music these days. Friendly bartenders. 50 cent pool table. Yeah!! Click through to download or listen to the show!

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Epic Snelk 03/28/09 - Show Blog

Let’s summarize last weekend’s Snelk shows. Cowboys, prostitutes and bachelorettes doing the limbo underneath a sex doll. Minty fresh deep powder face shots. Fireside confabs with friends. Midnight snoring of the log saw variety. Winter is dead, long live the Snelk. Hear a live cut from Saturday night, first set.


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Rocking Redline 02/07/09 - Live Recordings

Click through to check the audio from last night’s show

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Christmas Snelk 2008 - Show Blog

Xmas 2008. Winter arrived just in time for the Greenwood All*Stars to return to the Alpine Inn & Snorting Elk Cellar for another weekend of double stack jams on Friday & Saturday 12/19 & 20. What a great time. We can’t wait to get back in the spring.

Dee and the rest of the folks at Crystal Mt Hotels continue to do a great job and the Elk (voted the “Top Ski Bar in the West” by Snow Country Magazine a few years back) remains one of WA state skiing’s great treasures. Ski in soon. You’ll be glad you did.

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I’m A Man

Audio Files from Snelk Dec 08
Drop.io – Snelk 01 | Snelk 02 | Snelk 03 | Snelk 04 | Snelk 05

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Jam Outtakes 09/14/08 - Live Recordings

Buddy bands like GWAS exist to 'hang out' musically. We gig and record and slam the jam, but the secret to a long-term musical relationship is to be friends first, audio astronauts second, and careerists third. To this sentiment we tip the water-pipe to the following silly, psychotic and spacey jams. Watch this space for more.

(recorded with clunky Zoom H4)

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Can't Explain Nuthin
Hey Drunk Joe
Atari Madness

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SoozaPalooza 7/23/08 - Live Recordings

Outdoor Summer gigs are the best. Thanks to Sooze and Benjamin for hosting SoozaPalooza, a celebration of music and art. Here are a few tracks captured from Dan's soundboard mix.
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Flying Cloud
New Speedway Boogie - Jam
Tidal Waves

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Carshow 6/28/08 - Live Recordings

Danny Manny hooked up his lappy to the soundboard at our Greenwood Car Show gig on June 28th 2008. Here are two cuts from the show. Thanks for the mixing Dan Man and thanks to Mark for producing a fine event!
download mp3 flash audio
Ninja Shark
TzaTziki Sauce
Artists Only

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Peace Concert 2007 - Live Recordings

We played the Seattle Peace Concert last Summer. T'was awesome. Best part was that C2M2 Music recorded the whole thing off the board, mixed the show and sent us a copy. Here are a few of the tracks from the show. Extra thanks to Martin for his hand in the matter, and for his hands on the congas. They sound sweet.
download mp3 flash audio
Saving Face
Sneakin Sally
Recordings by C2M2Music.com

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KGreen Radio from Snelk

Greenwood Radio is our monicker for random interviews recorded at gigs.

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KGreen Radio

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Blue Moon 11/2/07 - Live Recordings

Blue Moon is always a blast. JJ let us set up the bill so we picked some of our friends bands to hook up with, Steve Ball Roadshow and The Bourbonites. Tracks came out great, check out the jam in Jimmy and VooDoo Lady.
download mp3 flash audio
Voodoo Lady
Till The End of the Day
I've Been HooDood
Cities and Countries
Johnny on the Spot
Loose Lucy
Do You Feel It?

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Microsoft 10/07 – show blog

We've been rehearsing at performance volume all Summer long down in a little sweaty box in Ballard. The downside has been hearing loss, the upside is that we're much tighter and noisier and raunchier. Yesterday we brought the raunch to Microsoft for an outdoor party in the sun. Free beers and food and gorgeous weather brought out a nice crowd. Check out the cuts below. Sexy People went over well and then we blew out a fuse on Till The End of the Day. Here s a little video clip from the show, thanks to Adam Kinney for shooting.
download mp3 flash audio
Till the End of the Day
Sexy People
Atari Car
Do You Feel It?
Johnny Shut the Gate
Johnny on the Spot
Loose Lucy
Muffin Man
Nookie Run
Over The Brink
Ninja Shark

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Caffe Bella 7/07 - Live Recordings

We had a really fun show at Caffe Bella last night. The room was acoustically hot so we had to stay on top of our dynamics. Thanks to everyone who turned out for the party!

Check out the two tracks from Baby Bok Choy. Here's what they look like. Look at their cool toys. This band is e x c e l l e n t.

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Atari Car
Comes Up Missing
Gamblin Train
Geek Love
I've Been HooDoo
No Quarter
Still Sitting
TeeSee Fly
Working Holiday
You Got Me Going
Baby Bok Choi *
Baby Bok Choi II *

* "Baby Bok Choi" a wack new funk / jazz / electronica project featuring veteran Seattle players Bob Heinemann (Mana, Jambalaya), Chris Spencer (Fabulous Roadstars, Motel 5) Greg Rudolf.

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Blue Moon 11/06 - Live Recording

Here’s a live recording of the show we played with Uncle Doodad and
Dangermart on November 8th 2006. Thanks to Uncle DooDad for hooking us up.

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Live at FreeFest 2002

This weekend of camping and jamming was an early highlight. Dan brought his multi-track recorder and captured the set. GWAS band is young and rusty in these tracks.

Recorded live at: FreeFest 2002
Sound board: Lar “I”
Remixed by: Moore Sound

download mp3flash audio preview
1. Slow Shark
2. Muffin Man
3. Soul Pimp
4. Donna U Wanna
5. Ape Man
6. Happy Sex Worker
7. Dayze Away
8. Chalkdust Torture
9. Cities and Countries
10. Mr. Green Jeans
11. Jimmy
12. Hookslide
13. Breakfast of Love

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