Microsoft 10/07 – show blog

We've been rehearsing at performance volume all Summer long down in a little sweaty box in Ballard. The downside has been hearing loss, the upside is that we're much tighter and noisier and raunchier. Yesterday we brought the raunch to Microsoft for an outdoor party in the sun. Free beers and food and gorgeous weather brought out a nice crowd. Check out the cuts below. Sexy People went over well and then we blew out a fuse on Till The End of the Day. Here s a little video clip from the show, thanks to Adam Kinney for shooting.
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Till the End of the Day
Sexy People
Atari Car
Do You Feel It?
Johnny Shut the Gate
Johnny on the Spot
Loose Lucy
Muffin Man
Nookie Run
Over The Brink
Ninja Shark

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