Caffe Bella 7/07 - Live Recordings

We had a really fun show at Caffe Bella last night. The room was acoustically hot so we had to stay on top of our dynamics. Thanks to everyone who turned out for the party!

Check out the two tracks from Baby Bok Choy. Here's what they look like. Look at their cool toys. This band is e x c e l l e n t.

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Atari Car
Comes Up Missing
Gamblin Train
Geek Love
I've Been HooDoo
No Quarter
Still Sitting
TeeSee Fly
Working Holiday
You Got Me Going
Baby Bok Choi *
Baby Bok Choi II *

* "Baby Bok Choi" a wack new funk / jazz / electronica project featuring veteran Seattle players Bob Heinemann (Mana, Jambalaya), Chris Spencer (Fabulous Roadstars, Motel 5) Greg Rudolf.

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