Peace Concert 8/07 - show blog

The woodies put on a really high energy show for the peace concert. The conditions were perfect – a gorgeous day, a decent turn out, an enthusiastic crowd. It’s becoming a tradition for us to help Don push out the “Peace Wave” as our opener. Second song started out great, “Saving Face” brought upbeat energy into the amphitheater. People seemed to perk up. Then we slowed the set down with “Working Holiday” and “Hey Baby”.
I had my hollowbody PRS rigged through the Speedster and we were all playing really loud, so the stage sound was trigger finger touchy and super hot. I played a massive-evil-electro-clam at the beginning of “Geek Love” – but once wasn’t enough so I did it again. Did it sound intentional? I hope so. Martin the Conga player was up there with us. We didn’t have an organized set list, (we never do), when we called “Jimmy” Martin said “I love that song,” so we played it and killed it. Then we took the express train to noisetown during the jam. The folks backstage seemed to dig it. They cheered. We brought the show back to reality with “Bumpkin”, folks dug the vocal improv. On “Atari Car” we did a foolishly long hold when the jam was peaking. I hope it sounded cool, it felt right. We closed with “Sneakin Sally” in which we worked up a new schtick and a vocal jam. The post concert high was supplemented with many beers and other intoxicants. What an incredible day. It’s what summer is all about.

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