Overcoming it 08/20/08 - Show Blog

Last Sunday’s Peace Concert was yet another lesson in overcoming negativity. The situation was classic. The All*Stars were scheduled for 4:45, so we told our peoples to be there around 4pm. We had a great turnout of friends, family and folks who hadn’t been out to a show in years. Well, 5pm came along and the band “Spinning Brodies” started to break down their gear. However, as the All*Stars were prepping, multiple long-hair dudes started pushing massive stacks toward the stage. What’s this? Another band? Turned out the drummer for “Brodies” was also in a project called “Overcome” and they were going to do a few songs. Um, okay… it wasn’t scheduled, but go ahead rockers.

Overcome kicked it off with a sludge-guitar intro, followed by the obligatory rhetorical cry, “are you ready to rock?” Things went downhill from there. Their set expanded into a buttrock-epic as they flogged cover after cover, introduced guest shredders, and basically turned a sunny Peace Concert into the Ballard Firehouse (RIP).

Backstage their “manager” started throwing elbows when we inquired about the length of their act. In the world of Overcome, only the strong survive. Anyone who’s been in a gigging band can probably relate. Sublime said it best when opined that sitting through a shitty band was worse than being hassled by the man… and the stink from the van was fully in effect yesterday afternoon.

Eventually, Overcome ran out of songs they knew and scuttled off. But not before a significant number of our fans had to split. But now comes the cool part… Before we launched our set we gathered up the remaining friends and family and paid witness as Alan and Betsy got married (Abe’s Brother and Sister-in-law). Don Glenn helped to perform the ceremony and signed the wedding documents. The ritual was beautiful and emotional and in some ways, even more potent after waiting out the mess. Afterwards, the All*Stars played a really hot set in the afterglow of love and oneness.

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