Nectar Lounge 12/05 - show blog

PeteNice: Nectar Lounge is a great room with quality sound. We don’t usually play weeknights, but we made an exception to test this place out. They took really good care of the band (showed us where the secret beer stash was) and were attentive to our sound (thanks Synge.) Fortunately, we had a decent crowd for the first half of our set because we played right after Monday night football. Later it was just a mere handful. But that’s all good, we booked this show to decompress after our weekend in the studio. It felt really good to go from such a controlled setting to an open space. There were some nice moments. “Foreign Shores” and “Besame Mucho” felt really good and Abe was really solid on “Nothing To Do With Love”. It was also cool to reconnect with Corey from FreeFest. Sounds like he’s ramping up to do it again in 2006. Hellz yeah.

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