Lisa's Sexy BBQ Party 6/07 - show blog

It seems like every show we play has a moment of adversity that we either have to overcome, or go home whimpering. At yesterday’s outdoor BBQ party, the challenge was the weather (what else). Shortly after unloading our gear into Lisa’s backyard, a menacing looking cloud rolled in and unleashed a robust sprinkle. Instead of bailing, we comandeered a party tent and squeezed in underneath. Then, as we were laying cables and running power, an even meaner cloud set upon us with a consistent drizzle. This was when Dan really shined. As the other three all stars were contemplating quitting, Dan-man pulled us through like a trooper. When we started to play, the drizzle stopped.

The show turned out great. It was totally fun and laid back. We played to an ever expanding audience of enthusiastic party people. Troy helped to adjust our sound throughout the gig (thank you). We convinced Dan to sing So Lonely and Soul Kitchen. After playing for two hours, we took a break to eat Niall’s amazing pork chops and mac salad. After sundown we played three more tunes. They were the best of the day – Neckbone, No Quarter, and Breakfast of Love.

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