The Snorting Elk 12/06 - show blog

Abe: this was a good weekend. two nights, two different crowds, one great venue:

Night 1
construction workers, scientists, weekday riders enjoying live music before the commute back to civilization. loud sounds, pizza, short set breaks and tall orders.

i always enjoy the in – between – set banter with listeners:
this night involved an up and close conversation with John, a construction worker fom Oregon who came from a long line of Finnish Fisherman. we discussed the merits of Richard Thompson and the propensity of the scottish to be drunk.

we got a good response from the crowd, especially during the second set. people from all walks of life enjoy the drum solo!

people from all walks of life enjoy the encore to the drum solo!
then more drum solos!!! as pete nice put it so eloquently, “Dan, you remember when we tried to bring back the outtro at the end of Donna? and you shook us off like we were fleas on a dog’s back! “

Pete: Another epic weekend indeed. It went like clockwork.

Night 2
Our goal for the second night was to get the room dancing. It took all night, but we won them over. During the first set the crowd was responsive to our more psychedelic stuff. By the third set, they were drunk enough to dance to Sloopy.

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