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Greenwood All*Stars is a high energy rock band that plays tight tunes and smoking jams. This highly experienced band plays an extensive set list of originals and unique covers. After rocking together for over a decade, they posses a synergy that is rarely seen on the scene.

It takes years for a band to really jell, especially if the band seeks collective, spontaneous musical exploration. Each artist in Greenwood All*Stars is accomplished in their own right, but they really shine because of their years of experience playing together. This band reads the room. This band adapts, explodes, stops on a dime or heads off into improvised realms. Greenwood All*Stars exhibit the kind of musical depth that’s rare among bands in the ever changing music community.

This four piece band could be described as a cross between Ween and Wilco, NRBQ and CSNY (with a dash of Zappa). Their original music veers from graceful, pensive pieces to stomping, rollicking jams. An evening with the all*stars includes a wide variety of grooves and genres guaranteed to get your feet moving and put a smile on your face.

Peter Mitchell

Pete Nice, Guitar, Vox – Crispy improv. Likes: Zappa, Big Al Anderson, Scofield.

Matt Norris, Bass, Vox – Thickness. Likes: Wooten, Gordon.

Abe Oritz, Keys, Vox – Complexities and harmonies. Likes: Wilco, Worrell.

Dan Moore, Drums, Vox – Dynamic shifts. Likes: Chambers, Copeland, Moon.


Seafair Community Stage
Summer 2010

Seamonster Lounge
Spring 2010

Greenwood Car Show
Summer 2009

Crystal Mountain
Winter 2007

Nectar Lounge
Fall 2006

University Street Fair
Summer 2005

Fremont Fair Mainstage
Spring 2004

Tacoma Freedom Fair
Independence Day 2004

Classic Car Show
Summer 2004

Seattle Peace Concerts
Summer 2005
Summer 2004

Capitol Hill Arts Center
Halloween 2003

Tractor Tavern
Winter 2003

FreeFest II
Summer 2002

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